Agency: Nordic Retail Group
Client: Bacardí 
Project manager: Malin Björnung

Copywriting: Native

Designer: Lowa Widenius
Portfolio photography and mockup: Lowa Widenius

Advetorial for the Bacardí gin Bombay Sapphire. 

Client description

Bacardí is an alcohol production company with headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda, who mainly produces rum but also other liquers. 

"Make an content marketing advertorial for Bacradí Bombay Sapphire in Scandiavian Traveler."


Scandinavian Traveler is a magazine from Scandinavian Airlines. In the magazine we can read about exciting people, places and travel stories.


NRG arranged a competition for bartenders in Scandinavia where they would contribute their best gin and tonic recepies and the prize was a feature in the SAS magazine Scandinavian traveler.

My part

Briefing to copywriter and photographers, graphic design, illustration and original work for magazine print.




Company: ABC-Gruppen

Art Director/Designer: Lowa Widenius
Photography lifestyle: Elin Kero
Photography packshots: Robin Widenius
Photography product
: Lowa Widenius

Branding, graphic design and content creation

Company description

ABC-Gruppen is Swedens biggest producer and distributor of personalized student caps, founded in 2002. Their vision is to give new life to the tradition of student caps and to make school time worth remembering.


Their process begins with visiting schools during the autumn, showing their range and taking orders. The products are produced in the spring and delivered before it is time for the student graduation.


I worked in-house at ABC-Gruppen as an Art director and took part in three student graduation cycles. I worked with everything visual, from developing a new graphical expression to creating all material for digital channels and print.


"When I started at ABC-Gruppen, they wanted to update their graphic expression in a more adult manner as a response to customer feedback and inhouse staff saying it was percived a bit to childish."


To better understad the problem and how to solve it, I asked the target group. Through conversations and questionnaires I was able to make qualifyed decisions in my design process and I developed a new graphic guideline with a more luxurious, festive and summery feel. It included a more modern typographic toolbox, a condensed color palette with more natural tones and less color saturation along with directions of layout and photography.

The new expression was confirmed by the target group as more adult than before.