Agency: Nordic Retail Group
Client: Microsoft

Designer: Lowa Widenius

Graphic design for digital and in-store marketing. 

Client description

Microsoft Corporation is an american multinational computer company with brands and services such as Office, Windows, Surface and Xbox.

My work for Microsoft

During my time at Nordic Retail Group, I worked on several projects for Microsoft. I created POS-materials, landing pages and banners for Surface products, Office services and Xbox for both physical and digital stores.

​The largest campaigns I was involved in was when all the Office materials in the Nordics were to be adapted to the new design profile from HQ.

Working with such a large brand not only made me push my limits on quality and precision to match the brands high standards, it also taught me how to be efficient. It was always a large amounts of material that needed to be adapted into different compositions, formats, languages, plattforms and time was always of the essens.