Milford animation studio is located in Stockholm, Sweden. They work with high-end character animation for big brands around the world.

In the spring of 2015, I had an internship for twenty weeks at the CGI studio Milford in Stocholm. My focus at the studio was 3D modelling and my ambition was to develop characters.

Year: 2015

 Client: Milford Animation Studio

 My Part: 3D modelling of characters and assets

Both commercials are productions of
Milford Animation Studios who own all rights.

express yourself

First TransPennine Express United Kingdom

What I did: Assets: Train interior Characters: Boy and girl, blond woman with cards, sleeping red head, reading woman and basketball player.


Nestlé / Thomy Switzerland

What I did: Assets: plate, fork, jug, salad cutlery in wood and salad bowl.

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