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my new


I am currently looking for a new job! 
Like many others, I have been laid off from my job because of the prevailing pandemic.

With light and lantern, I am therefore looking for a new place to call my workplace. What am I looking for then? Read my ad below and don't hesitate to contact me if you think we can be a match!

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Wanted: A design 
oriented brand

Designer Lowa is looking to join a company with a marketing team in Stockholm. As an employer, your main goal is to work holistically with sustainability and genuine values. Your product or service should contribute to a truly better alternative than similar offers on the market.


You should know who you are as a brand and what you stand for, but maybe you have had some trouble translating this visually and that is something you need help with? You are probably not a huge company and are therefore in need of a creative person with a broad background of visual tools.


Your Profile:

  • You have experience working with creators and design processes, or want to learn!

  • You have an inclusive work environment

  • You like to laugh!


Some things you want help with and seek:

  • Visualize and communicate your brand and or product

  • Digital design, photography and some video

  • A self-motivated designer who likes to work with strategists


It is a merit if you:

  • Understand the importance of the workplace being flexible to help create new impressions and ideas

  • Love that the staff is healthy and happy and therefore you have health care benifits

  • Have a collective agreement