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Packaging design for food and drinks

Renée Voltaire, is Swedens healthy food rebel who challenges conventions in category after category. The company exists for one reason only: "We want to build a better world with knife and fork."


My designs for Renée Voltare are a mixture of completely new products, new flavors in existing categories, re-designs and updating of older artwork.


Packaging design, illustration and original work. 


Renée Votaire





Renée Voltaires Switzel is a small-scale, ecological and hand crafed drink made in collaboration with Train Station Brewery in Sigtuna, north of Stockholm. The Switzel is a new product in the "RV" range and I therefore had to produce a completely new artwork based on the existing brand profile.


The artwork

When I developed the artwork, I sketched different shapes as patterns with the idea that it would feel bubbly and festive. I wanted the color scheme to have a combination that would feel summery and be associated with raspberries.

Grynfri Granola - Hallon & Kokos

The grain-free granola is handmade with love and care in Renée Voltairs own production in the Årsta-kitchen in Stockholm. Granola is one of the biggest products in the "RV" range and this was a completely new taste in the grain-free category.


The artwork

I wanted the design to be recognizable in the other granola assortments and to feel fresh and cozy to have on the breakfast table. I chose a color palette that would feel like raspberries without being too expected and broke it off with an accent color in turquoise. The center illustration is of raspberries an coconut leafs. 

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