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Sinis Organic Skincare


I have recently become more and more interested in skincare and I like to try out different products. Because of this I got a vision of making my own brand for fun an exercise, this was the result. 


"The brand is primarily aimed at women in the age of 25-45 who are looking for a product in the affordable luxury segment, but with that little extra in terms of values."


Brand design, packaging deign, concept and photography.

All design, animation and photography is done by me with exeption for the photos in the mood board.


Personal Project




Modell: Amanda Nordqvist Ed

SINIS_Cosmetic Mock-up_1.jpg


When I started this project, I had a source of inspiration in the back of my mind. It was the photographer Peter Lindbergh. He revolutionized the fashion industry as he photographed models and celebrities without makeup and without retouching.


With this brand, I think that beauty should be communicated by the fact that it comes from within and that the products are a tool to take care of and nurture your skin, not beautify or change. For example, "product to care for your tired eyes" instead of "product to remove your dark circles".


So with Peter Lindbergsh's visual inspiration together with a quote from the monk Thích Nhất Hạnh about beauty from within and accepting yourself, I developed a mood board to visualize this together with the soft values ​​I developed.

The name and logo
The name SINIS is chosen and designed to function as a palindrome and the letter N in the name acts as a logo mark. The N is placed on top of all packaging and designed to work even if it ends up upside down.


The palette I chose is based on an almost white and an almost black color. They together with a couple of bright neutral colors give a clean and soft feeling.


I strived for minimalistic design with only one font, but in a couple of varying weights. The layout had to be airy for an elegant feeling. To add an artistic tone and playfulness, I illustrated an artwork to be able to play around on the design of the packaging. The idea is also that the color of the artwork is adapted to which series the product belongs to and this makes it easier to see what you are looking for on the shelves


The idea behind the lifestyle images was to convey a certain perfection in imperfection by the editing being grainy instead of razor sharp. The choice of black and white was to mirror the design of the products. I also chose to have the model not necessarily having contact with the viewer. I would rather have her convey a dreamy and thoughtful expression together with having self-confidenc, being in control and out living her life.

SINIS_Cosmetic Mock-up_2.jpg
SINIS_Cosmetic Mock-up_1.jpg
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