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Nordic Retail Group



Nordic Retail Group


Brand design and photography.


Project manager: 
Louise Person

More info

Nordic Retail Group is a full-service retail agency focusing on sales and customer experiences in stores and online. 

Project brief

"We want to re-design our brand profile. We want to keep the primary logo but refresh the entire profile. It should feel business, but not too stiff".


In a re-design I think it is essential to maintain brand awareness, yet change things up just enough to create new expectations. I chose to keep a lot of the existing elements and went back to basics with a simplify-clarify approach to refresh rather than change and to make it easier to maintain consistency throughout their brand communication.


  • Brand values – Initiated a process to clarify the brands core values. Worked with the CEO and project lead to explore and define words and context which founded my decitions in the re-design process.

  • Font - Set up an easy-to-use font guide and narrowed down their amount of font variations from excessive to enough.

  • Colors - Choose three colors from their large selection of strong colors and made them a bit earthier with lower saturation to connect to the nordics.

  • Logo – I added clear rules of use for the main logo and made a secondary logo variation for flexibility in different mediums and plattforms.

  • Photos - Created a new gallery of brand photographs with a professional yet personal feel with color tones to match the new color palette.


Everything resulted in a visually well composed and easy-to-use brand book that is used by internal and external staff to express the brand. My recommendations for continuation was to explore and define a tone of voice and develope new graphic elements.

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